Orange-Sake glazed salmon
Salmon – my wife loves it, I think it’s only ok – and that ok totally depends on the way it is prepared!  Most times, we oven roast it with herbs on top – which always tastes awesome.  Thought I would try a little something different.  I recently received a great fruit basket from work – had some amazing oranges in it.  Had some sake and rice vinegar kicking around, so I made a nice brown sugar glaze for the fish.  Really tasted great – the sweetness of the brown sugar and orange zest was balanced by the sharpness of the sake…. Really nice, and super easy!  I keep some sake in the cabinet to cook with – if you don’t have it, just use the white wine, it will still taste great. Use white vinegar if you don’t have the rice vinegar as well.
Here is the glaze recipe:
Zest and juice from one orange
3 tbs sake
1tbs white wine
1 tbs light brown sugar
1 tbs rice vinegar
1 tbs Dijon mustard
¾ tsp corn starch
pinch of cayenne pepper
In a small sauce pan, whisk ingredients over medium high heat till they come to a boil.  Lower heat to medium, whisking constantly, until the glaze thickens up to a thick syrupy consistency.
For the fish, I took a couple of tbs of vegetable oil in a 12 inch sauté pan, and heated till shimmering.  I put a salmon filet flesh side down in the oil, and browned for a minute or two, then flipped it to skin side down and did the same thing.  I poured off the extra oil, and spooned the glaze over the fish.  I took the whole frying pan, stuck it in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes, until the fish was still a little rare in the middle.  I then put it under the boiler at low for about 2 minutes until the glaze…. Well… glazed….  Fish should flake with a fork when it is done.  Served it with some steamed mixed veggies (pretty cool – steam right in the bag you buy them in, and actually taste good!!  A little garlic powder, some lemon juice, and they are good to go! )
Easy, 20 minute meal, tasted great – the orange flavor of the glaze really complimented the fish.
No pics on this one!  Ate it too fast!
Enjoy!  Bon appetite!

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